Pinnacle Annual Holiday Adult/Youth Tournament

General Information

Advanced entries are preferred, but not required. Walk-ins are accepted no later than 30 minutes prior to start time. MAXIMUM of 24 Teams per squad time.

Entry Fee: $17/youth and $8/adult ($15.00 Lineage, $8 Awards, $2 Pinnacle Youth)
Award Fees Returned 100%.


One scholarship place will be paid out for every 5 entries.  (example:  15 entries = 3 award payouts)  Scholarship are paid based on the number of entries in each category.





Dates & Times

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21ST           10 A.M.      1:30 P.M.     5:00 P.M.


1. This tournament will be sanctioned by the USBC shall be governed by the rules of


2. This will be a unisex tournament, either male & female, male & male, or female & female.

3. This tournament is open to any Adult Bowler either sanctioned or not. If sanctioned must use highest 2012-2013 USBC book average. If not sanctioned, males will use 210 average and females will use 190 average.

    a. This tournament is open to any sanctioned Youth Bowler.

4.  This tournament will use Highest 2012-2013 sanction average for 21 games or more for both Adult and Youth bowler.  Anyone without a 2012-2013 book average may use highest current league average for 21 games or more at time of bowling this tournament. Bowlers averages must be verified by a standing sheet at the time of bowling (please bring proof with you). Bowlers using an incorrect average will result in their score being disqualified and any winnings being forfeited.

5. Handicap will be based on 100% of 220 average

6. There will be two (2) divisions.  Teams 350 and under and 351and over.

7. All bowlers will bowl 3 games

8. This tournament will consist of a 2 member doubles team event. (1 Adult and 1 Youth bowler).

     a. Bowlers may bowl additional times in this tournament, provided they bowl with different partners.

9. All bowlers must wear suitable attire.  No clothing with offensive writing, alcohol or tobacco products.

     a. No Alcohol beverages will be served to Adult bowlers while bowling in this Tournament.

10. Bowlers will be allowed 10 minutes of practice on starting lanes before their squad starts.

11. A bowler arriving late shall begin play and the score shall count beginning with the frame they begin to

bowl.  Frames missed shall be credited with a zero.  A bowler not present and ready to bowl when it is

his/her turn will be credited with a zero for that frame.

12.  Only bowlers and Tournament Officials shall be permitted in the settee area during competition.

13. Claims for errors in scoring or general playing rules must be made to the Tournament Director

before completion of the tournament time being bowled.  Questionable errors shall be decisioned by the Tournament Director within 48 hours or before the awards are given out. 

14.  Scholarships will be given in both Divisions to Youth Bowlers only.

15. Awards will be returned 100% to bowlers.  In the event of a tie the award will be split between the winning parties.

     a. Scholarships will be given based on the number of entries received.

16.  ENTRY FEE must be sent with entry.  WALK-IN ENTRIES will be accepted no later than 30 minutes prior to the posted start time. 

Advance entries will be accepted up to December 21, 2013.

Walk in entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis each week no later than 30 minutes prior to posted start time. Final entries close December 21, 2013.

18.  Scholarships will be administered by the Pinnacle Youth League with funds being sent to the SMART Program at the United State Bowling Congress Office in Arlington, TX.




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